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Marketing is Crucial for any business
But It Can Be Overwhelming
For many business owners, diving into marketing can be a daunting task. You understand the importance of marketing, but where do you even start? It’s not your expertise, so most of the time it gets pushed to the bottom of your To Do List (And trust us, we get it – we feel the same way about bookkeeping!)

Here’s the challenge: Without a well-defined marketing plan, an effective lead-generating website, or a strategy to engage existing customers and potential new ones, you could miss valuable business opportunities. Don’t let that happen.

Your marketing should be simple yet powerful.
Making an impact without becoming a complex, time-consuming challenge.

Strategic Solutions

It’s not just about marketing; it’s about building a strategic roadmap that ensures every effort contributes to your business’s growth and prosperity. Let us guide you in creating a marketing strategy that’s not only purposeful but also results-oriented, driving your business towards new heights of achievement.

Clear Messaging

We’ll assess your current marketing strategies, pinpoint areas where you may be losing potential sales. We’ll then craft a streamlined, profit-driven plan that’s both clear and straightforward to implement.

Consistent Implementation

As your dedicated marketing consultant, you can rest assured that tasks will be executed seamlessly. Through alignment and collaboration with you and your team, we ensure that the agreed-upon strategies and plans are put into action effectively, delivering tangible results for your business.

On Going Support

Get continuous guidance and tailored assistance to maintain the relevance and consistency of your marketing message, guaranteeing sustained sales growth.
Hi, I’m Susan
I get it, marketing can be overwhelming. You hear all the technical talk from experts, but often, they miss the mark on aligning with your business goals or crafting a unified marketing strategy.
At BlueSquaresMKT my approach is different. With over 20 years in the field, I start as your marketing consultant. It’s crucial for me to first understand your objectives, your customers’ journey, and then develop a marketing plan tailored to your growth. Together, we’ll craft a marketing plan that’s not just a blueprint for growth, but a strategic path tailored to your unique needs. Then, it’s about assembling the right team to bring that plan to life.
I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies, from those with big budgets in the hundreds of thousands to small businesses managing tighter budgets in the thousands. My work has included offering strategic guidance and crafting essential tools, such as impactful websites and successful product launches. Each endeavor has been tailored to showcase the distinctive value that each company offers to the market while nurturing their growth.

As your guide, my mission is to empower you with clarity and confidence. We’ll create a strategic roadmap, aligning your marketing with your business goals. Together, we’ll navigate the competitive landscape, ensuring your success.

Did you know that according to the SBA, 29% of small business owners struggle with unclear marketing efforts? At BlueSquaresMKT, we specialize in aligning marketing strategies with business goals, turning challenges into successes. Let’s turn statistics into success stories together.

How to get Started


Schedule a Consultation

No pressure. We’ll just see if your needs align with how we help. Consultations are always free.


Get a Plan

We’ll develop a custom plan based on your needs. From strategy to ongoing coaching, we will be with you every step of the way.


Make Your Marketing Work for You

We take care of your marketing, so you can stick to what you do best. Look forward to seeing your business grow and succeed with our straightforward approach.

Our Services
Customized Packages and Pricing Plans to Fit any Budget

No matter how big or small your needs may be, I’m here and eager to chat. Together, we’ll tackle your toughest, most perplexing challenges head-on. Believe me, I’ve navigated through a wide array of situations and I’m fully prepared to dive into yours.

Know your Business Score

Curious to See How Your Business Measures Up with Your Current Marketing Efforts? Start here.
Discover the insights you need with our custom report. It will assess your marketing performance and provide you with a tailored plan for improvement, all based on the proven success of the StoryBrand framework.

Marketing Strategy

At Blue Squares MKT, we streamline the complexities of marketing into a cohesive strategy that drives revenue growth. Our service includes crafting a comprehensive marketing plan, pinpointing your ideal target audience, refining your clear and compelling message, and charting a path to success.

Project Management

Whether it’s managing specific marketing campaigns or overseeing long-term projects that enhance your business, BlueSquaresMKT can deliver results, allowing you to focus on what you do best – serving your clients.

Fractional CMO

Small business owners and startup leaders excel at building their businesses but often struggle with marketing for growth. They tend to prioritize managing operations and developing their business models, leaving marketing as a neglected aspect. That’s where BlueSquares MKT comes in.

I had a fantastic experience working with Blue Squares MKT at Liberty Tax – Almaden Expressway. Their mix of social media content and traditional marketing strategies significantly improved our visibility and customer interaction. Susan was creative, efficient, and tailored their approach to our specific needs. I highly recommend their marketing services for anyone looking to boost their business.
Juan Jose Sierra
Franchisee Liberty Tax-Almaden Expressway
I am very pleased with Susan Salgado at helping me with my website for my new business. I actually was referred to her and she was helpful in every step from starting from scratch, to having a very professional website up and on the internet now. I will totally refer her to anyone that I know that needs these services. The pricing was very reasonable and I was not surprised by any hidden charges.
Darren Trudel
Founder & Owner AllBay Refrigeration Services

Working with Susan as our fractional CMO has been a game-changer for Maxisend. Her deep expertise and strategic vision transformed our marketing approach. Susan took the time to thoroughly understand our business goals and customer journey, crafting a tailored marketing plan that aligned perfectly with our needs.

Beyond her marketing prowess, Susan also took charge of our new product area, successfully launching two new products that have significantly expanded our offerings and market presence. Her leadership in developing impactful marketing strategies and assembling a skilled team has boosted our brand awareness and growth.

From designing our new website to revamping our brand, Susan’s work has been instrumental in showcasing the unique value Maxisend offers. Her dedication to our success has provided us with the clarity and confidence needed to navigate a competitive market.

We are grateful for her exceptional contributions and look forward to continued success together.

Gabriel Manjarrez

CEO Maxitransfers LLC

Get the Inside Scoop on Partnering with Us
Your FAQ Guide
Curious about how our marketing consulting services can transform your business? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with all the information you need.
Discover the solutions and expertise we bring to the table.
What types of Marketing Services do you provide for Small Businesses
Our comprehensive marketing approach encompasses tailored strategies designed to align with your business goals and engage your target audience effectively. We don’t just stop at strategy; our experienced team excels in executing these plans, transforming them into impactful campaigns that deliver results. With a focus on effective project management, we oversee marketing initiatives from start to finish, ensuring seamless execution and timely delivery. Additionally, we offer Fractional CMO services, providing expert marketing leadership and guidance. As your trusted partner, we work with your team to steer your marketing efforts, offering strategic insights that empower your business to thrive in the competitive marketplace.
Are you a one-woman operation or do you have a team?
Excellent question! While I serve as your primary point of contact and lead the way, I want you to know that I run a woman-owned business designed with your needs at the forefront. Unlike many traditional marketing agencies, I’ve intentionally built my business to prioritize your unique requirements.
That said, I have a dedicated network of professionals who collaborate with me to ensure that we have the capacity and expertise needed to deliver your projects promptly and with excellence.
How can product management or launch services benefit my business?
Product management and launch services are essential for introducing new products to the market or optimizing existing ones. We help you identify market opportunities, define product features, and create a go-to-market strategy. This ensures that your product reaches the right audience, meets customer needs, and generates revenue.
How does a Fractional CMO can help my business?
A Fractional CMO offers strategic marketing direction and takes on a part-time leadership position as a contracted member of your marketing team. Even if you don’t currently have a dedicated marketing team, the Fractional CMO can effectively manage and fulfill the marketing requirements of a small business.
What does a marketing strategy entail, and why do I need one?
A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan that outlines how your business will achieve its marketing objectives. It involves identifying your target audience, defining your unique value proposition, and creating a roadmap for your marketing efforts. You need a marketing strategy to ensure that your marketing activities are aligned with your business goals and to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget.
How can a StoryBrand Guide benefit my business?
A StoryBrand Guide specializes in crafting clear and compelling messaging that resonates with your target audience. They help you clarify your brand’s story, connect with customers, and drive engagement and sales through effective marketing.
I'm intrigued but uncertain about starting right away. What's your suggestion?
I understand your hesitation, and it’s perfectly okay. If you’re not quite ready to dive in, I recommend exploring my free resources. Feel free to explore these resources at your own pace.
How do I get started?
Many businesses have faced this challenge. Unsure of how to boost their revenue through effective marketing, they resort to experimenting with various ideas, often without success. Unfortunately, this trial-and-error approach can result in wasted time and money, with no significant results to show for it.

Let’s connect, schedule a consultation, it’s free!

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